Quiz 1 questions...

I've gotten a few questions about Quiz 1. Here are a few hints...

Question 1: How many moles of nitrogen atoms are in a given mass of iron(III) nitrate?
Start with a balanced chemical formula. How many moles of N are in each mole of iron(III) nitrate? Use the mole ratio to get moles of N from the moles of iron(III) nitrate.

Question 2: How many moles of chlorine atoms are in a given volume of a given concentration vanadium(IV) chlorate solution?
This is almost the same as question 1, but you need to use concentration and volume to determine the moles of vanadium(IV) chlorate instead of mass and molar mass.

Two other helpful hints:
1. Don't wait until the day before a quiz is due to work on it. This is especially true because...
2. When you have a question, show me your work. If you have the problem all set up, it's much easier for me to look at what you've done and help you work through the problem correctly. It's always easier to help you when you can give me an idea of where you're getting confused.

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