Spring Semester 2014 is here!

We're 18 hours away from the first Gen Chem II class of 2014! Watch this blog for general info about the topics we'll be exploring and answers to specific questions I get by email. I'll also be tweeting links and daily summaries using #GenChem2014. And I might try a few other things this semester…

A couple tips that are always useful:
1. If there's a way to calculate moles of a substance, that might be a good start.
2. Balance your chemical formulas. Then balance your chemical reactions. Balance is the key to chemistry. And skiing. If you don't balance your formulas and reactions, you're gonna have a bad time.
3. Be curious. That what science is all about.
4. Ask questions. Unless you're the only person in the room, it's pretty likely that someone else in the room has the same question you do.
5. Be bold. It's OK to answer a question incorrectly in class, we're learning chemistry here not juggling chainsaws. The other side of this is to be supportive of your classmates, we're all here to learn (including me).

Enjoy the beautiful weather today and I'll see you tomorrow.

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  1. I was having difficulty in doing the second question of the first quiz. I have tried to use the mole:mole relation but that doesn't seem to be working.